Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery

One of the most well-liked specialties in the world is plastic surgery. Turkey is ranked sixth in Europe, and the country's medical tourism industry is expanding as a consequence of the successful and excellent outcomes of aesthetic procedures there. Local hospitals provide every surgery in this sector, including abdominoplasty, genital aesthetics, liposuction, and mammoplasty. The greatest medical facilities and surgeons who have established themselves as top-tier experts in this discipline in the field of plastic surgery are represented.


All plastic surgery procedures are performed in accordance with affordable international quality standards. Patients from all over the world prefer to obtain their treatments here because of this. Success in plastic surgery is a byproduct of Turkey's general reputation for medical tourism.


Reasons to Have Plastic Surgery in Turkey




Turkish plastic surgery costs two to three times less than those in the USA or Europe while maintaining a comparable degree of excellence. The country's general price policy, which is based on the income of the population, explains why prices are so low.




Patients from all around Europe may easily travel less than four hours by plane to Turkey.


Because Turkey has so much to propose in terms of history, culture, shopping, and beaches, many patients prefer to turn their visit into a vacation and enjoy the most of their time there. Istanbul, which is a favored tourist destination in and of itself, is home to several of Turkey's best surgeons and clinics.


There are hardly any waiting times, as well. Clinical Turkey will make it very simple for you to make an appointment.



Plastic Surgery Prices in Turkey


The cost of typical procedures like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation in Turkey is depicted in the table below. Although these prices are only estimates, they demonstrate how affordable Turkey may be. To receive a quote, please let us know what you are interested in. Even after paying for your flights and accommodations, you could save a lot of money on your treatment.

Breast Augmentation $8.000 $8.000 $7.000 $4.400
Rhinoplasty $5.000 $6.700 $4.500 $3.000
Facelift $8.000 $10.000 $7.000 $4.000
Liposuction $3.500 $5.000 $6.000 $3.500

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