Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

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Hair Transplantation

The regrowth of hair itself may also be used to indicate hair loss. Daily hair loss is typically between 80 and 100 strands. Loss in excess of this quantity is abnormal and requires treatment. In comparison to the United States, England, and Germany, our professionals offer superior treatment in Turkey at extremely affordable rates.


New techniques for assisting hair transplantation and expert knowledge from throughout the world both give patients successful hair repair. Comparatively speaking to nations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, hair transplantation costs are lower. Turkey is a top location in the world for hair restoration nowadays. Hair transplantation operations are well known for medical tourism in Turkey. To execute this treatment, a facility must be accredited by the Health Ministry and have the accreditation of a hair transplantation specialist. We exclusively deal with boardcertified experts and surgeons who have received worldwide ISHRS accreditation.


Why Would You Get a Hair Transplant in Turkey?




The cost is the major justification for traveling to Turkey for hair transplantation. Patients can save between 50 and 70 percent off of local pricing. Consequently, the more involved and expensive the procedure, the more money you stand to save; for this reason, hair restoration and transplantation in Turkey are extremely well-liked.




Patients undergoing hair transplants from all over Europe can easily travel to Turkey in less than four hours by plane.


Because Turkey has so much to propose in terms of history, culture, shopping, and beaches, many patients prefer to turn their visit into a vacation and enjoy the most of their time there. Istanbul, which is a favored tourist destination in and of itself, is home to several of Turkey's top hair transplant clinics.


There are hardly any waiting times, as well. Clinical Turkey will make it very simple for you to make an appointment.


Popular Hair Transplantation Methods in Turkey


• Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): By using fine-lead needles, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure transports individual hair roots from various body or neck areas to loose or completely bald areas. Stitch scars do not exist since there are no stitches. In terms of outcomes, there is no distinction between correctly applied FUT and FUE techniques. Both approaches provide results that appear natural if the directionality is carried out correctly and the hair line is appropriately arranged.

• DHI: DHI is a hair transplant technique that has gained popularity since 2016. The procedure has similar stages to FUE, but the method differs in that it uses a special "Choi Pen," which transplants follicles directly from the scalp without the requirement to open the channels, promoting faster healing. The implement also aids in regulating the direction of hair growth and facilitates for more frequent placement of grafts.

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• Organic Method: For individuals who have extensive hair loss, a recent technique called stromal-supported hair transplantation is favored. The use of SVF in hair transplantations results in the renewal of hair follicles. According to scientific studies from the University of Pennsylvania, stromal injection can stop hair loss and revive hair follicles that are on the danger of dying. Patients with advanced-stage baldness could prefer this approach, which uses micro stromal injections to accelerate hair growth from both native and transplanted hair follicles while also producing more natural results. The cost of hair transplants is quite affordable for foreign patients from European, American, and Arabic nations. Turkey is a leading country with qualified hair transplantation experts authorized by ISHRS.

You can get the greatest hair transplantation options using FUE and DHI procedures, as well as organic ways for the most effective outcomes.


Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey


The cost of typical procedures in Turkey is depicted in the table below. Although these prices are only estimates, they demonstrate how affordable Turkey may be. To receive a quote, please let us know what you are interested in. Even after paying for your flights and accommodations, you could save a lot of money on your treatment.


FUE Hair Transplantation $14.000 $12.000 $6.000 $2.000
DHI Hair Transplantation $15.000 $13.000 $6.700 $2.500


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