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Dental Treatment

One of the primary reasons why people seek dental care is because it is more affordable and offers equal access to technological advancements in Turkey. Turkey successfully performs surgeries including veneers and four prosthetic joints. Dentistry is one of the most popular medical specialties in Turkey: Qualified staff, high-quality supplies, and CAD/CAM technology provide patients innovative, efficient treatment options.


Why Choose Turkey for Dental Implants?




The cost of dental care in Istanbul is the major motivation of travel. In comparison to the cost of dental care in their own country, patients can save 50–70%. Of course, the more involved and expensive the procedure, the more money you get to save, which is why Turkey dental implants and veneers have become so popular.


Patients can also save money by going to a dental clinic for various aesthetic treatments such as tooth whitening, crowns, bridges, and dentures. Simply stated, a dental vacation in Turkey may be the answer if your teeth are in poor shape and the necessary work appears to be out of your price range in your own country.




With less than four hours of flight time, Turkey is easily accessible to dental patients from all over Europe. Due to the wealth of history, culture, shopping, and beaches in Turkey, many dental patients decide to lengthen their visit into a dental holiday in order to maximize their time there.


There are hardly any waiting times, as well. If you require immediate dental treatment, you should always be able to book an appointment with your dentist real soon.


Popular Dental Treatments in Turkey


Dental Implants: Dental implants are a very popular procedure because they can be received for up to 70% less price in Turkey than they could have been quoted back home. You may require three or more visits for your implants, depending on what kind of implants you're getting and any necessary preoperative procedures (such extractions, a bone graft, or a sinus lift). Each of these situations will likely necessitate a stay of a few days or a full week. According to your specific needs, your dentist will go into further detail regarding your treatment plan.


If you require a whole mouth of replacement teeth, getting dental implants overseas in Turkey could help you save a lot of money. When deciding whether a dental vacation is actually worth it, remember to account for the expense of your flights, meals, and accommodations for each trip.


You might choose All-on-4 complete mouth implants as a faster course of treatment. These are less expensive than conventional versions because they need less implantation rods in the jaw. All-on-4 dental implants in Turkey may not be the best option for everyone, so do your research before making a decision.


Veneers: Veneers are far more reasonably priced in Turkey if you don't need implants but still want a straighter or whiter smile. Typically, getting veneers in Turkey only requires one appointment, although you may need to wait while they are being created in a lab (this is the case with porcelain veneers). Depending on where they are produced, this may take a few days to a week or longer. Asking in advance how long you'll have to wait between visits is necessary since an extended stay will increase your expenses.


Teeth whitening


Other Treatments


Turkey has a substantial market for aesthetic dentistry, but patients also travel there for less attractive procedures like:


Root Canals: Root canal therapy is used to treat tooth problems and abscesses. In order to remove the sick tissue from the core of a tooth that has been damaged, fractured, or decayed, the tooth must be opened. After that, the area is filled and the opening is shut.


Crowns and Caps: Crowns are dental restorations that cover cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged teeth. The whole portion of the tooth that is above the gum line is covered with dental crowns, also known as caps.


Dentures: Dentures are prosthetic appliances used to replace missing teeth. Dentures come in two varieties: partial and full. Full dentures are sometimes called "fake teeth."


Bridges and Implants: Bridges and dental implants are two options for replacing a lost tooth or teeth. They are artificial teeth that are held in place by surrounding teeth. Along with the artificial tooth in the middle, the bridge is made up of two crowns on the anchoring teeth. To support replacement teeth, dental implants act as artificial roots.


Extractions: It can be necessary to pull a tooth that is seriously damaged. For orthodontic therapy, permanent teeth could also have to be removed.


Fillings and Repairs: Restorative materials are used in dental fillings and restorations to restore teeth that have been damaged by trauma or cavities.


Braces: A dental brace is a tool used to fix issues with the bite and tooth alignment (including under bite, overbite, etc.). By applying consistent pressure to the teeth, braces straighten teeth.


Gum Surgery: Gum and jaw bone are infected by periodontal disease, which can result in the loss of teeth and gums. Periodontitis and gingivitis are the two main phases. Periodontal disease is frequently more severe than gingivitis, which is the less severe and curable variety. In some circumstances, gum surgery will be necessary to reverse the disease's effects.


Bonding: Implementing composite tooth bonding is a restorative technique that fixes teeth that are rotten, chipped, cracked, or discolored using composite resin (plastic) that is the same shade as dental plaque. You can also close tooth gaps. Bonding is completed at the dentist office as opposed to veneers, which need laboratory work. Almost all treatments are less expensive in the Turkey than in the UK, therefore it is worthwhile to do all the necessary work while you still have the opportunity.


Dental Surgery Prices in Turkey


The cost of typical procedures like dental implants and teeth veneers in Turkey is depicted in the table below. Although these prices are only estimates, they demonstrate how affordable Turkey may be. To receive a quote, please let us know what you are interested in. Even after paying for your flights and accommodations, you could save a lot of money on your treatment.


Tooth Implant $4.000 $2.700 $1.200 $900
EMAX Veneer $1.200 $800 $500 $185
Tooth whitening $700 $700 $200 $150


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