Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery

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Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery

Turkish healthcare facilities and systems are in competition with those in the US, the EU, and England. According to recent data, Turkish healthcare for cardiovascular conditions is less expensive for patients; and Turkey has a highly competitive medical tourism industry, and healthcare expenses are cheaper than other countries. Turkish cardiac surgeons are skilled in the most difficult heart operations, such as open heart surgery, minimally invasive heart bypass surgery, aortic valve replacement, myectomy, and other cutting-edge surgical procedures carried out in A class operating rooms with the assistance of qualified clinical professionals. Our specialists provide interested consumers online doctor interviews and additional service alternatives immediately before they make the decision to seek medical treatment in Turkey. Patients receive holistic services starting from the first touch during the recovery time. Before patients arrive in Turkey, we take a holistic approach and make all necessary arrangements. Our assistants lighten the load on patients' decision-making when it comes to choosing doctors, services, and facilities, organizational concerns, coordination, and other things.


Why Choose Turkey for Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery?




Cardiology and cardiovascular surgery are priced 40% to 80% less in Asia than in the USA or Europe, yet the quality remains the same. The country's general price policy, which is based on the income of the populace, explains the cheap cost.




Patients from all around Europe may easily travel less than four hours by plane to Turkey.


Because Turkey has so much to propose in terms of history, culture, shopping, and beaches, many patients prefer to turn their visit into a vacation and enjoy the most of their time there. Istanbul, which is a favored tourist destination in and of itself, is home to several of Turkey's top cardiothoracic surgeons.



There are hardly any waiting times, as well. Clinical Turkey will make it very simple for you to make an appointment.




Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery Costs in Turkey


The cost of typical procedures like bypass surgery and heart valve replacement surgery in Turkey is depicted in the table below. Although these prices are only estimates, they demonstrate how affordable Turkey may be. To receive a quote, please let us know what you are interested in. Even after paying for your flights and accommodations, you could save a lot of money on your treatment.


CABG $150.000 $21.500 $26.000 $17.000
Aortic Valve $170.000 $20.200 $60.000 $25.000
Angioplasty $32.000 $17.000 $17.000 $3.300


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